What kind of people is God looking for?

What kind of people is God looking for?

Probably not like me – you think. You may think that you have to be perfect, holy, and devout to merit God’s favor or to cooperate with him? Impossible, for sure.
Let yourself be surprised: -) Let’s start from the beginning: Does God need anyone? He can do anything. He is self-sufficient.



God created us for pleasure – his and ours.  He wanted to love us and He wanted to be loved. He did not create man to run the production line of Ford, or anyone dealt with His Eden but Eden was created for the man who was to enjoy it. We know how it ended; we chose to learn not only good, but also evil and decided to use this knowledge. As man began to become -exceptionally „good” –  at using evil, it seemed that God was alone. We have been separated from Him by sin. God still loved man, but sin dislodged love from the heart of man so the man could no longer stay in the same place as God. Besides, man immediately noticed he was naked and was ashamed because of this, he hid from God. But from the beginning God had a plan with a capital P.

There began to appear the first people ….


First there was Noah, who „found grace in the eyes of the Lord” (Exodus 6:8). He was righteous. (7.1 KW). And he and his family survived, a total of 8 people. He built an ark, although everybody was mocking him he didn’t give up. They worked for many years on the ship, which was to save him and his family from the flood. Finally, there was Jesus’ disciples and Jesus – the Son of Man.  None of them, but Jesus was  perfect. None of them – except Jesus – was sinless; Noah got drunk and lay naked in his tent, Moses killed a man, David committed adultery, Abraham gave his wife to another man and had a child by his own slave . The Apostle Paul, Peter, the whole twelve …. it’s not worth talking about. Yet God used them to proclaim His glory. He needed such people in such times. Then came the Son of Man called The last Adam.  He had to wear retains original features, the idea of God for a perfect man. Perfect in love. The Son of God had to become a man! He could not run from his heavenly position!

For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him. (2 Chronicles 16:9)

All those people whom God sought and found characterized one thing: the desire to do the will of God. They were not ideal, but that wasn’t  the point. God does not choose the prepared people – but He prepares the chosen ones.

Ann Lobert certainly could not say about herself, that she was the one whom God had been looking for.  Yet, God thinks differently than man!

„For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD.(Isaiah 55,8)

Wait a minute…


God is looking for people whom He will use? TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM? Well, it’s just a side effect and not the point. So don’t feel as if God wants to take advantage of you and give nothing in return. As if He follows His  own interests and you serve only as a tool.  It’s like the guy said, I take a wife, for cooking, cleaning, flaunting her and for being told how great I am! Perhaps many think in these terms, but it is immature. The reason that a man should take a wife is: I want her to love and share that love. Everything else will follow.

Adam and Eve did not have to convince anyone of God’s love, or proclaim His Word. God just enjoyed their presence and a relationship with them. And nothing has changed and in relation to you. He just wants to love you and be with you. You will be His light in the world as you move. The benefit is that you’ll get great things: joy, freedom, peace, courage, acceptance of yourself. …………………..

God is looking for people:
who love Him,
who are ready to say I’ll go where you send me.
who are not afraid of difficulties,
who will always be the Seconds, putting him first.
who are ready to live their faith and do not have to understand everything.
who want God to dwell in their midst
who are tired of an ordinary life.
who put love above everything  else.
who want to dream with God and cooperate with Him.

In a word, He is looking for people who will say ‘YES’ no matter what and will cling to it.


Who God is not looking for


God is not looking for perfect people.
the religious ones who, who want to do something from their own works or merit,
foolishly eager (zealous can be both wisely and unwisely)
relying on  their own intellect,
who are going to be persuaded,
not putting love above everything else

Forgive me if I sound like I know everything; Who God is looking for and who he is not. As I said, I write all of this from my experiences with God. In the past, I identified myself as a religious person, and depended on my own intellect and I was foolishly zealous. Today I am second.

People needlessly torture themselves. They do not think of the way they are; unshaven, tattooed, in a pink dress, elderly, children, teenagers, with studs on his jacket, riding a motorcycle or scooter, bleached blondes, or the women with a mohawk, shy introverts or another incarnation of Jimmy Carrey, good students or truants, homo- and heterosexuals, prostitutes and prisoners, businessmen and housewives, belonging to this or that Church or without the Church, living in Poland C category or in the suburbs of Beverly Hills – we are all saved and desperately needed God to His glory increase, and the world is getting better and better so we return one by one to the original divine image of the man: whether it is in a jacket with studs or tattooed and bleached, but with reflection of His love in the heart, which changes and sheds light wherever it appears.

Bless you all!